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backdated Band
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Guitarist Wanted For Forming Cover Band
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Vocalist Wanted For Forming Cover Band
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Drummer Wanted For Forming Cover Band
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Vocalist Wanted For Forming Original Rock Band
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Drummer Wanted For Forming Original Rock Band
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(FS/FT) Marshall 30th Anniversary 100W VALVE amp: $1100
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Mesa Stiletto Deuce Stage II - For Sale
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(FS) (SA) 1991 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst
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FS: Legator Ninja 300-PRO 5-String Bass
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Fender Telecaster (MIM, dual Dimarzio Humbuckers)
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Alt Metal/Rock Recording Vocalist
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Blues infl. Guitarist wanted
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News : Each Revolving Door have emerged from the ashes of ...

scottyerd writes"HOTEL 44 ! On the 16th of September 2004, HOTEL 44 decided to change the band’s name and thus, image. HOTEL 44 decided after parting ways with previous singer Luke Morgan, that HOTEL 44 did and would not portray their future goals and potential. After much deliberation, the band with new singer JAY, decided upon the new name “EACH REVOLVING DOOR (ERD)”. This new name means that throughout everyone’s life, your mind reacts and creates revolving doors. These revolving doors become memories, times past and more importantly the experiences which make human being “human and alive”. The new name will see the band progress through its future career. "


News : Said Affection

TheSpoon writes"

Formed in December 2002, 3 -piece punk rock band, Said Affection quickly set about getting their music to the public. Within two weeks of finalizing their line-up they wrote the track for their first 4 - track EP, which became "Only Chance".

Said Affection blend punk, rock, emo and hardcore elements to produce a unique style of their own which is not easily pin-pointed or compared. This combined with their dynamic stage show means they have the ability to support bands of all genres and styles and can easily adapt to any shows line-up. They are regulary looking for bands to support around melbourne. so if you are organising a show drop them a line to the below email.

Email & Bookings:




News : FROST perform at The Esplanade Hotel

DavidFlogger writes"

FROST will be headlining at

'The Esplanade Hotel' (Public Bar) on Thursday 21st October, 9:30pm. FREE Entry!!!

The Usual Suspects

"The Usual Suspects" (EP) Available at the gig and online at the following links: -

Sanity - Water Front Records - HMV

Buy it Now!!!



News : The HAND LIVE!!!!

Whof writes"Melbourne funk-rock 3 piece the Upper Hand will be rocking the Armadale Hotel this Saturday the 2nd of October, 11pm, with Hydraplane and Responder, as we begin our rock-journey in the local industry. - Join our mailing list so we can keep you updated, and drop us a line if you want to do some shows together. Debut EP out next year.
The Upper Hand are a 3-piece funk/grunge band with diverse influences and an aim to play high-energy live shows. In their short history, The Hand have received very positive reviews and feedback, as well as appearing on Russ Kellett’s Melbourne on Channel 31, Asylum TV on Channel 31, 97.9FM’s ‘Show us your Indies’ and 88.3FM’s ‘Flying Solo’ with Manda Hug. The bands debut demo EP is available for free at their live shows, and has so far been distributed at an approximate rate of 40 demos per night. In the last month, the Hand were runners up at the Victoria Uni band final receiving a cash grant to be put towards promotion and merchandise.

Together, the Upper Hand is a technical and very experienced outfit, with an aim to move forwards at all times by way of performance, writing and recording. The view towards our music is that it should never be dull, one-dimensional, or basic, and should never be written for the dollar. The band writes together as well as individually, with an aim to always have energy, strong hooks, and powerful lyrics, and to be able to cater to a diverse audience out to party! "


News : AMPT Under 18's

JayJay writes"

aMpT Under 18's Oct 04 will feature emo/screamo outfit "Behind Crimson Eyes". Combining harsh screams with luscious melodies & driving rythms, this band evokes emotions that can go from one extreme to another in the space of the same song. In similar vein to bands such as story of the year & matchbox Romance, this band lights the stage on fire each & every time they get the chance. Behind Crimson Eyes have played along side some of our countries hottest bands including the likes of Gyroscope, I Killed the Prom Queen, One Dollar Short & More!

aMpT Under 18's featuring Behind Crimson Eyes, Singleton & Famous by Association will be held at the Somerville Mechanics Hall on Friday 1st October from 7pm- 10pm (doors open 6.30pm) Tickets will be available at the door on the night for $10. *Note: This event is a fully supervised drug & alcohol free event, with NO PASS OUTS! 

For more info check out



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