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Huge & final sale. GUITARS/AMPS/OTHR update 11 -- 17 Jul
Last post by Virg on Jul 17, 2018 at 10:51:38

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Last post by eqihiqi on Jul 17, 2018 at 10:22:38

Established Prog/Psychedelic/Electronic Band Seeking Singer
Last post by lucid_planet on Jul 17, 2018 at 10:15:34

FS - BLACKSTAR GUITAR CAB- 4x12 Angled Artisan!!
Last post by idiosyncracer on Jul 17, 2018 at 09:11:26

Wanted: Gibson Les Paul Jr
Last post by Josh100_3 on Jul 16, 2018 at 23:19:18



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STAR writes"

Melbourne based Promoters Peninsula Events Australia are proud to announce a major coo for local music fans, with the launch of the 1st Annual "Ampt" Festival. This unique, all ages, music festival will take part on Sunday 6th February within the grounds of the new (million dollar) Peninsula Theatre Complex in the beachside town of Mornington, located on the spectacular Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Ampt originally started back in August 2004 with smaller monthly gigs being successfully staged on the Peninsula and due this, the event has now grown into a one day festival featuring a culmination of bands with various styles & genres ranging from rock, punk & metal, through to hardcore.

To launch the first year, the ampt festival will host 20 of Australia's freshest bands on 2 separate stages, including the "Pepsi Main Stage" presented by Blunt (Indoors) and the PBS 106.7FM Local Stage presented by the Mornington Peninsula Shire (Outdoors). Other Festivities on the day will also include an outdoor market and eatery, street performers and a "Skate Cage Comp" featuring some of Australia's Best Skateboarders competing on Peninsula Events Split Level Mini Ramp for $1,000 (Winner Takes All) Cold Hard Cash.

Scheduled Bands include
Parkway Drive
Behind Crimson Eyes
Brock Downey
Dekoma Arms
Her Nightmare
October Myst
Girl Pilot
Famous by Association
Fortune in lies
Point of You
One Dead Dream 
Morning Glory
& 1 still to be announced
Unlike many other major festivals, ampt will be staged in a totally drug & alcohol free environment, which will also offer punters a much safer & hopefully more enjoyable concert going experience. Tickets can be purchased via Peninsula Events Australia's Credit Card Hotline on 03 5975 3779 or in person at Plato's Music 7 Station St Frankston, Missing Link Records Basement 405 Bourke St Melbourne City or Peninsula Events Australia Suite 4, 330 Main St, Mornington.
Note: Early bird (discounted) ticket sales close Friday 21st January

For further details check out the official website at or contact the telephone number above.



News : riotsoda

paul writes"

riotsoda webpage

riotsoda are currently looking for groups to put gigs together.

riotsoda came into existence mid 2004 from the ashes of another group which had come to the end of the road. 

paul, playing guitar&voc and gep playing drums had decided to put another group together and get a whole
bunch of new songs written, rehearsed, recorded and played live. 

by august scott, playing bass had joined the group. they got together and began to rehearse and fine tune a set.  during this time they also played a mellow acoustic show of all the songs. it was quickly realised however that the sound wasnt fat enough.

by november graeme, playing guitar had joined as a second guitarist and the lineup was complete. the band got together, worked on new songs, rehearsed a live set.  during this time they played another mellow acoustic set featuring the whole band.

during the end of december 04, and the begining of jan 05, the band recorded a few demos which are now available online. 

riotsoda webpage



News : New Independent Label (Melbourne)

davidflogger writes"

New site for independent recording label, 'Lemon Records.'

Melbourne based 'Lemon Records' started in early 2004. 

To visit this site please click the following link - Lemon Records



News : Promoting your Gigs for Free

cclambie writes"

Here is a great new way to advertise your gigs! It is called What Was That.

Basically by setting up a code such as “yourname” your audience could then SMS the word “yourname” to 199 33 111 find out when your playing next, try it SMS “yourname mm” to 199 33 111*.

What Was That does not require anything other than you to add the code and a small logo to your advertising to encourage people to use it. In fact you could earn $$$s from the service.

To find out more visit



News : Mazar Growing Like A Weed

mazar_guy writes"With 2005 comes more great Australian music that you can freely share online. Smash Records and Popboomerang are the latest labels to distribute digitally through Mazar with new releases from Dappled Cities Fly, The Scare, The Follow, Tim Reid and Tamas Wells all now available to download free. Joining them is the new Generic Tadpole compilation featuring Melbourne electro artists KZ5 and Square/Cut/Synthetic plus heaps more. Showcasing independent Australian artists, lets you download songs and listen to them 3 times for free before choosing whether or not to buy the song.

Using ‘Weed’ technology, this new initiative gives fans greater access to more Australian music and rewards artists at the same time. Weed encourages the free sharing of music and doesn’t rip off artists.

If you are a band you can get your music on Mazar now for free. Find out more at "


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