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Associations & Unions : Music Victoria
Posted on Wednesday, January 13 @ 00:24:20 EST by admin

melza writes "A new representative body for the Victorian music industry

Music support agencies Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), Arts Victoria, APRA, AIR and The Push have formed a partnership to investigate the establishment of a new Victorian music industry representative body to provide advocacy, resources and services for individuals and businesses in the Victorian contemporary music industry.

Music makers and businesses across diverse music genres and activities are now being consulted to identify needs and issues. If we are to have a new Victorian organisation, what would this look like? What would its activities be and how could it add value to the music sector? We need your help!

Through December 2009, people participating across the wider music industry are invited to provide their views in the survey available via this website, or to make a submission to further contribute ideas and highlight relevant issues.

There is currently no active peak body representing the Victorian music industry. Most other Australian states and territories have an established state organisation that provides significant benefit to their local music makers and businesses. These bodies make up the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), which provides national industry development activities. There is now a vacant seat at the national table for an effective Victorian body.

A Victorian representative body could be a powerful advocate on issues impacting on the Victorian contemporary music industry such as support for the creative development of our talented local artists, music export assistance and policy to build industry capacity and innovation.

It could harness the expertise and experience of the Victorian music community in order to strengthen and build opportunities for its members and deliver services for professional development to support career development and industry growth.

Following a series of workshops completed with leading music organisations and artists in November 2009, a shared view is already emerging that supports a new body able to provide industry development and effective advocacy on issues, such as the impact of Liquor Licensing regulation on small live music venues.

Please let us know what you think.

Your valuable feedback will be acknowledged and will support decision making about a new body once research is completed in early 2010. Interested contributors will be able to stay informed and it is anticipated that interested parties would move forward to constitute a new organisation.


Music Victoria Project Steering Committee "


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